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All orders are placed without payment. We first validate and prepare your order before requesting payment. Once your order is confirmed, it will be roasted and shipped as promptly as possible. This ensures you receive the freshest coffee and a seamless ordering experience. To see our full selection of beans, visit our shop page. 

Specialty Coffee

We roast small batches of specialty coffee. The beans have been carefully selected from trustworthy sources and some even directly from the farmer. Most of our coffee beans have a SCA score of 85 and above.

Eco-friendly Machine

Our machine is a high-tech Eco-friendly drum roaster that uses induction to provide the necessary heat. It needs much less energy compared to the traditional gas burner machines.

Freshly Roasted

We have some beans of the moment already roasted in small quantity and ready to go. Otherwise any of our on-demand beans from the collection are roasted as soon as possible after you placed the order.

Coffee Support

You have any questions about our beans, brewing methods, espresso machines, grinders, or any topic related to coffee. We are here to share our passion. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.


Find your desired coffee by flavor in our collection. Larger flavor notes indicate more beans options:

Apple | Apricot | Bergamot | Blackcurrant | Blend | Brown sugar | Caramel | Cherry | Chocolate | Cinnamon | Citrus | Cocoa nibs | Date | Earl Grey | Floral | Funky | Greek yogurt | Guava | Hazelnut | Hibiscus | Honey | Jasmine | Lemon | Lemongrass | Lemon Ice Tea | Mandarin | Marzipan | Molasses | Papaya | Peach | Pineapple | Pomegranate | Raisin | Raspberry | Red fruits | Red grape | Sirupy | Stone Fruit | Strawberry | Surprise | Sweet Tomato | Tea | Tropical fruits | Vanilla | White Grape

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